Freestyle F-1420

6-Person Swim Spa with 20 Jets

Features: Eliminator High Performance™ Pump, WhisperHot™ Titanium Heater, Multi Colored LED
Dimensions: 93" X 170" X 51"

Are you looking to improve your health and overall quality of life without breaking the bank? Then the F-1420 is the perfect swim spa for you! The F-1420 offers a complete at-home aquatic gym at a budget-friendly price. To enhance your aquatic workouts, the F-1420 features fitness anchors for available Cal Flex™ Exercise Equipment and Tether Bar Kit. Join the Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness™ Revolution with the F-1420 today and feel the difference in your everyday life!

Seating:  x 6

Jets: x 20

Seat Type:

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